Day 9 Brings A Healthy Dose Of Confusion

Published September 10th, 2015 by Unknown

It appears that we have had some misunderstanding about the rules. I fault myself for this, as this is only my second Paleo rodeo. Nonetheless, here is a little bit of clearity in hopes of getting us all on the same page. In order to recieve your workout points, you have to show up and do the WOD (at the box). Doing stuff outside of the box is cool...but unvarifiable. Therefore, these activities will not be counted towards your overall points. With regards to the two days of rest, these are "free points" and will not be deducted. I know someone will soon ask, (Insert high-pitch whining voice) "what if we workout 6 days a week, do we get extra points in addition to the free pionts?" No. You are only eligible for 5 days, yet you get the 2 free days anyway, so it really does matter. If you do not blog everynight, including weekends, then your points will not count. Being that the first week was a little confussing, we will keep all points as is for week one. Starting week 2, rules apply.

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