Wellness Can Be Expensive, But It's Cheaper Than Illness.

FFS CROSSFIT We focus on getting people to perform better at “real life” movements. We believe that the human body will provide its most optimal function when we put it through movements that require a full range of motion and stressors that occur naturally

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Speed & Agility Camp for Kids

Middle & High School Students

Sessions Every 2 Weeks, June 7 - July 31

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FFS CrossFit

Wellness Is Our Focus


The positive effects of cardiovascular and strength training are endless and their continual benefits should not be overlooked. Moreover, the quality of movement is critical with any fitness program. Short term gains are exciting, but moving and feeling well over the long-term are paramount.


FFS consistently supports our local, regional and national communities. Competitions and fundraising events are of great importance to the FFS family. We embrace the opportunity to step-up to help meet the needs of individuals and organizations alike throughout our local community.

Individual/Small Group Training

We offer services for those individuals or small groups looking for one-on-one or more specialize attention.

Nutritional Support

Nutrition plays a major role in the success or failure of one’s total wellness. Let us help point you in the right direction. We participate in a variety of Nutritional Challenges that help reframe the way food is viewed by modern society.

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Train Well - Move Well - Live Well

Fit. Fast. Strong

Our workouts do not involve elaborate machines that dictate range of motion, nor will you find programming that is specific to one or two body parts. 

With routine being one of the most common hindrances to maximum performance, our programming is multi-joint, multi-plane and constantly varied to ensure the most favorable outcomes.
  • I found my happy place! I already am getting stronger and faster and I love the women here so supportive and fun!

  • Today my year and a half puppy took off and proceeded to "make a break for it." As I'm chasing (by chasing I mean literally sprinting) after her, up and down the street, weaving in...

  • I started crossfit almost 3 years ago. Two months after starting I tore my bicep tendon in a non crossfit related accident. I would have given up on crossfit if it wasn't for a ded...

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