FFS CROSSFIT We focus on getting people to perform better at “real life” movements. We believe that the human body will provide its most optimal function when we put it through movements that require a full range of motion and stressors that occur naturally. Our workouts do not involve elaborate machines that dictate range of motion, nor will you find programming that is specific to one or two body parts. With routine being one of the most common hindrances to maximum performance, our programming is multi-joint, multi-plane and constantly varied to ensure the most favorable outcomes.


Although fitness is our focus, we strive to connect with the community of Pueblo by giving back through philanthropic events of many sorts. If you are willing to invest the time in getting yourself better, commit to a healthy diet and embrace the community of group fitness we have the place for you.

"....only bodybuilders are careful not to work the entire body in a workout. This is one of the key distinctions between athletes and bodybuilders."

Greg Glassman