CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids class in gym

Our CrossFit Kids program teaches kids how to perform the fundamental and foundational movements safely and effectively while making fitness fun and exciting.  We focus on the basics and gradually work toward more complex movements/lifts only after the athlete has successfully demonstrated a high level of proficiency with all movement standards.  These neurological and muscular developments are highly complimentary to any organized sport and often bridge the gap for off-season athletes. 

Girl jumping rope in gym

As new research on the benefits of strength training, body weight exercises and light to moderate weightlifting continue to emerge, its no wonder that many kids will build stronger bones, increased bone mass, reduce the risk of injury and improve the quality of their mobility/flexibility when participating in our program.    

Boys lifting weight in gym

The child obesity rates in our local community are higher than the national average. Therefore, we strive to build a “more fit” generation for the youth in our community by providing participants with nutritional guidance and dietary recommendations for healthier living.  Our kids are reminded about proper fuel choices, the importance of proper nutrition and how everyday movement (not video games and TV) is required for total wellness.