Week 1 Down; And The Struggle Is Real...

Published September 8th, 2015 by Unknown

During last years 1st FFSC Paleo Challenge most of us felt like removing sugar and carbs from our diets was nearly impossible. We all made it through alive and were able to implement much better eating habits that have become a new way of life for our everyday diets and food choices.

This year, the feeling of "impossible" has returned but with even greater challenges, implementing the Zone Diet format, while eating Paleo. I know this has been a huge challenge for most of us but we have all made it through week one and by now are starting to see the "impossible" as "definitely possible". Understanding Zone Blocks and the quantity of food your body requires can only come from experimenting and figuring it out.

All teams must calculate their daily points and note their weekly totals on the white board 1st thing tomorrow. Week two "its on" !!!!

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